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Artiste Rates / Payment Terms / Terms & Conditions


Our Artistes are paid once a month at the end of the calendar month (or if the last day of the month is a weekend or bank holiday then payment will be the following working day), providing we have received the money from the client. It may take a couple of days to leave and enter your account so some may receive their payments quicker than others.

If it misses the run it will go on the next months run at the end of that month, so depending when in the month you do your first job may mean you wait longer than normal for your first payment. If you work the first week of the month there is a chance that you MAY get it at the end of that month if it’s come in, if not it will go over to the end of the next month.

The average wait time is 4-6 weeks for soaps, and 6-8 week for independent Production Companies.

TV Commercials & Photographic clients tend to take the longest to pay as, more often than not, we have to invoice a London Client, and their payment terms to us are between 60 and 90 days for us to receive the money before we can then process it at our end.




ARTISTE RATES – CORRECT AT 29th January, 2024

It is the artists responsibility to ensure they sign out at the correct rate on the day, as queries afterwards can result in an artist being underpaid. If you do not agree with the rate you sign out as on the day, and you politely query it with the 2nd AD or crown co-ordinator, and they do not agree with your query, you are entitled to write ‘DISPUTED’ next to your rate/name on the sheet, and report back to Mint Casting with the query. Please bear in mind that the rates below are before commission and VAT. All up to date rates for BBC/Equity, ITV/Equity and PACT/Equity can be found on

ITV/EQUITY RATES – For all ITV productions

Walk on 1             £100.40 for up to 9 hours which includes an hour lunch break. Overtime is £TBC per hour. Walk on 1 is a basic background extra and you will be given direction on what to do.

Walk on 2             £130.04 for up to 9 hours which includes an hour lunch break. Overtime is £TBC per hour. Walk on 2 is where you are asked to interact with a main character and you are visible on screen / in shot – non speaking.

Walk on 3             £154.80 for up to 9 hours including an hour lunch break. Overtime is £TBC per hour. Walk on 3 is individually featured and directed with dialogue (up to 12 insignificant words).

Lime Pictures (Hollyoaks) also work with the above rates, but may differ slightly.

If you do a walk on 2 or walk on 3 ON HOLLYOAKS ONLY, you will be eligible for a repeat fee if you were featured on TV and not edited out. Lime pictures pay a 100% repeat fee (less holiday pay aspect). The fee comes through along with your initial payment (if you were in the repeat episode and it wasn’t edited out)

There are other rates in addition to the above where you may film more than one episode in one day, where you will receive approximately an extra fee per episode on top of your day rate. Your full rate will always be on a payslip which I send on to you with your BACS payment at the end of the month. An indication of a different episode is normally when you do a clothing change on the day.



We work with several independent production companies who work with the PACT rate which is recognised by EQUITY. They do not have walk on 1, 2 and 3. They have a SA rate for ‘supporting artists’ (equivalent is walk on 1) and the other rate is WO for ‘Walk On’ artist (equivalent is either walk on 2 or 3 – so for WO you would be required speak up to 12 insignificant words. There is only the one rate for this: not split into 2). I have been informed that if you are working on the PACT rate and you are given individual direction, this is still classed as SA and not WO, so you must speak in order to get a WO rate.

PACT agreement rates (used by independent TV companies)

Up to 10 hours plus 1 hour lunch

SA     £116.34 including holiday pay. Overtime is £8.76 per half hour – (SA is basic extra or Supporting Artist as it is known – but there may be individual direction given on this rate)

WO    £30.60 uplift on the above rate – and this is negotiable, dependant on how involved and featured the Walk on is. You must speak words in order to qualify for a walk on rate.

COSTUME FITTING – £57.56 (up to 4 hours) – after this a full day rate is payable

Creative Contribution (SP1) – £31.82

Performance Skill (SP2) – £26.52



The BBC/Equity rates are as follows:

Supporting Artist – £95.27 Walk-on – £118.02 both a nine hour day

Overtime for SA after 9 hours is £13.10 per hour. Overtime for Walk On after 9 hours is £16.30 per hour



Some productions pay a buyout rates for productions. Filming hours can vary and so can the rates. Day rates can be £100 for extras and £150 to £250 for featured dialogue parts. If it is a special rate on a booking, we would always inform you of this before you undertake the job.



A crowd day for any production is when 41 or more artists are booked on a production on the same day. Again the fee is reduced again for this, but if it was a crowd day I would give you the rate at the time of booking as there are several rates for different companies.



If a job is a night rate for filming past midnight, We would inform you of the additional fees.



These can vary and will be given to you at the time of booking. We deduct 25% commission from commercials where artists are classed as featured. Normal 15% commission applies to background extra work on commercials.



Photographic rates can vary and will be given to you at the time of booking. We deduct 25% commission from these rates



Mint Sport rates for stand ins. lighting doubles, and performance days vary and are negotiable. Please contact to discuss rates for Mint Sport bookings



I agree to be available for background work (including work in TV commercials) and I will abide by the terms and conditions agreed between the agency and client. I understand that Mint Casting is my sole agent for finding me background work and TV Commercials in the North of England. We do NOT allow anyone to have ‘other’ agencies or to seek their own TV work whilst represented by us unless agreed in writing by Mint Casting. This rule includes database agencies such as POP, Casting Collective, Universal Extras, Star Now and Mad Dog who all work in the North of England. If we subsequently discover that you have enrolled with any of the above or any other agency, we will remove you from our books WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

I will notify the agency of my non-availability for work on a WEEKLY basis – but once an offer has been accepted in respect of my services, I shall faithfully carry out all my obligations in accordance with the contract made.

I agree to inform Mint Casting of my availability on a weekly basis by email to the given addresses.

I confirm that I am self-employed, and that all fees paid to me are paid gross of taxes and national insurance. I also understand that if I am claiming benefits that it is my responsibility to make the necessary checks as to whether I am allowed to do this kind of work and I must declare it accordingly. I ALSO UNDERSTAND THAT BY LAW MINT CASTING MAY BE ASKED TO PASS MY DETAILS ONTO HM CUSTOMS & EXCISE FOR INCOME TAX DEDUCTION PURPOSES.

I understand that it is my duty to register with HM Customs & Excise for Value Added Tax if my annual turnover exceeds the minimum annual turnover registration threshold for the time being.

I understand that if following a job on the rare occasion I am paid cash direct by the client, I acknowledge that this sum includes not only my fee but also the agency’s commission and undertake to reimburse the agency accordingly within 24 hours of doing the job.

I understand and agree that Mint Casting will deduct 15% agency commission + VAT from all background fees and 25% + VAT where I am classed as a featured artist in a TV Commercial., and 25% + VAT commission on any photographic still work. These fees are for suggesting, securing and confirming the details for the booking to you, (the artiste).

Child Commission is 25% + VAT – we only represent children for featured work, not background extra work.

Mint Casting advertise to all their clients via the website only. I agree to pay a one off fee of £35 + VAT so that Mint Casting can create and maintain a webpage/login for me on their site Artists are allowed a 30 day cooling off period after joining Mint Casting in case they change their mind about joining therefore this fee will not be deducted until after the 30 day ‘cooling off’ period. This fee is not payable upfront; it will be deducted from the artists first payment. Should I do an assignment for MINT CASTING and leave the agency before I have been uploaded to the website, a fee of £15.00 plus VAT will be charged instead to my account to cover the agency’s administration time. On occasion, in certain cases, we agree to waive the website entry fee but this will have been discussed with you. Students (on provision of a student card at point of interview) will be eligible for 50% discount on the web entry fee making it £17.50 plus VAT taken from their first booking only.

I understand that I am required to have professional images taken with a recommended photographer by Mint Casting. Mint Casting will arrange for a professional photographer to take my picture the cost of which will be £50.00 plus VAT which will be paid via BACS to Mint Casting Agency no later than a week prior to the shoot date. The photo sessions are usually held once every 4-6 weeks on SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS at the agency. Artists who enrol with us MUST make themselves free to have their photographs taken. If an artist declines to have their photos taken on 3 occasions, MINT CASTING reserves the right to withdraw representation with the artist.

I understand that I am required to have a DBS police check at a cost of £18.00 (price correct as of 13/02/2024) once I have been offered a place by Mint Casting Agency Ltd.

I understand that all TV background jobs can take up to 12 weeks for Mint Casting to receive payment. Mint Casting normally receive payment for North West based Soaps within 4 weeks. When payment is received and cleared, monies will then be paid into a client account ready to go on the next payment run. Mint Casting under take a payment run once a month, which is at the end of each calendar month. If the artists money is in the bank before the 25th of the month it will be paid at the end of that month on the pay run.

From February 28th 2020, a 0.40pence + VAT charge will apply to anyone who receives a payment on the end of month pay run. This is to cover the BACS cost. We will no longer send out paper remittances in the post, these will be sent via email no less that 24 hours before the payment hits your bank account.

I agree and understand that if any client defaults on payment, I can not hold Mint Casting responsible. Whilst all clients are believed to be credit worthy and reputable Mint Casting do not guarantee and are not responsible for the non-payment of fees and expenses in relation to such engagements. (This has never happened in 20 years of me working in this industry)

I understand that if a TV background artist is given a background role character name that consequently turns into something regular, and then the artist leaves the agency but the character is rebooked in the future at any time, the commission for this job must come to Mint Casting. Similarly if an extra goes for a casting for a named character as a main part and gets the part, the commission from this role must always come to Mint Casting at 15% now and in the future.

I agree not to accept any freelance work from a client or give out my personal telephone numbers to a client without agreeing it first with Mint Casting.

I understand that failure to attend a confirmed booking may result in a charge of commission to my account unless I can provide a sick note from my doctor.

I understand and agree that if through misconduct, lateness or failure to attend a confirmed booking I cause a studio/employer financial loss, the agency reserve the right to charge such losses to my account. (Commission that would have been due to us). If I am booked / pencilled on several days work (continuity) and have agreed to film all days and then fail to show for any of the days for whatever reason, I must understand that the TV company may refuse to pay for any days already filmed due to the fact that scenes may have to be re-shot at the TV companies expense.

I authorise Mint Casting to sign any written documents/TV contracts relating to any job that Mint Casting may have secured and negotiated for me. I confirm that I will not sign any documents or release forms relating to bookings without first consulting Mint Casting. I understand that if I sign any document/release form without agreeing it first with Mint Casting that I cannot hold Mint Casting responsible for any loss of income.

The Data Protection Act requires Mint Casting to obtain your permission to share your personal data to 3rd parties. I agree and understand that by signing Mint Castings terms and Conditions I am giving full permission for Mint Casting to do so. Mint Casting Has a GDPR Policy (General Data Protection Regulation) which can be obtained at your request. We only share aspects of your personal data for the benefit ot a booking ie Name , NI Number, Phone Number, Address, Measurements. We Never share your bank information with anyone.

I understand and agree that I must not at anytime have my mobile phone switched on, on set, I will not approach any of the actors on set nor will I ask for an autograph or request to leave early. I understand that I must abide by all rule and regulations set out by all the TV companies I work with.

I understand and agree that I will not divulge to the press/media or any other person any storylines or comment about any of the actors on set. I also agree that I will not share any information about any assignments with Mint Casting on any social networking sites unless agreed by Mint Casting in writing.

I agree that I will not consume alcohol or non-prescribed drugs either 12 hours before a job, or during a job. Anyone found doing so could be removed from the job and even our books at our discretion.

I understand that filming days CAN start from 6am and can last up to 12 hours and sometimes beyond.

I understand that I cannot take anybody with me on a job whether that is on location or at the studio.

I understand and agree that at times I will have to bring and have available certain items of clothing which the agency will inform me of, for certain productions.

I understand and agree if my appearance should change Eg Hairstyle, Hair Colour etc it is my duty to inform Mint Casting. If there are any significant changes I agree to have my photograph re-taken.

I confirm that I hold a UK Passport or that I am eligible to work in the UK and I have a UK National Insurance number. (These will need to be scanned and copies will be held at the agency whilst you are represented by us).

I understand that I am not under contract to Mint Casting and I may leave the agency at any time, which I must confirm in writing to the agency giving the agency a seven day notice period. Mint Casting reserve the right to cease representation at anytime. Mint Casting agree to give the artist a seven day notice period of their termination.

MINT CASTING reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.

Revised 23rd February, 2024.

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