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Why Mint?

What we Offer our Artistes



Before you read any further, we are a SOLE REPRESENTATION agency – which means you cannot be represented by ANY other agent in the North of England – this includes database agencies whose head offices are based in the UK (For Example: Mad Dog, Casting Collective POP and Universal Extras) . If you are with other agents you must be prepared to leave them to be represented by us.

We conduct regular checks on other agency websites, and if we find our artistes are with anyone else, we cease representation with immediate effect.

We appreciate this does not work for all artistes – some artistes just want to be working all of the time; which in this industry is not viable.   We invest our time and reputation into our artistes and in return expect loyalty.

Here at Mint we try our best to welcome artistes into the Mint Family; we treat you as a person rather than a number.

Compared to other agents, our charges are minimal. We don’t charge annual or monthly fees either. We also pay a lot quicker than most other agents do!

We work on a host of Northern based productions, and have excellent relationships with the majority of the working 2nd Assistant Directors in the industry.

We offer you your own personal web page on our website – which is self editable.

Our system automatically gives you 60 and 30 day advance warning that your DBS is to expire so you’ll never miss out on filming that all important job.

In addition to this, we offer a range of acting workshops and ability assessments so that we can see your level as an artiste, and know where best to place you in the agency.

We don’t know any other agent that offers these services.

What we Offer our Clients

The service we offer our clients here at Mint is second to none. Once we receive your casting brief you can rest assured that one of our experienced agents will be in touch with you straight away.

Between us, our staff have over 50 years combined experience in casting bookings, and we know the need for speed – this is our forté.

We offer a professional service from start to finish.

Our ‘No Show’ rate with the artistes we choose for the agency is virtually non existent.

We are now one of the few agents who operate as SOLE REPRESENTATION for our artistes, which means there will be no continuity clashes on your production.

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