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Latest Commercials

Take a look at the latest commercials that our featured and background artistes have worked on.

Yas Island - Featuring John Smeathers

Morrisons 'Tasty Buns' - Featuring Linda Ash

Seabrooks Crisps Ident - Featuring Imara Oraka

Irish Ferries - Featuring Jonathon Carley

Hynet - Featuring Pete Melling

Greggs 'Bag Some Joy' - Featuring Kellie Flatley & Ricardo Pembele

Tesco Mobile 2024 - Various Walk On Roles

Horlicks 2024 - Exclusively Cast with Mint Commercial artistes

John Smeathers - Northern Rail Advert 2024

People's Postcode Lottery 2023 - Featuring Denis and Amanda Crampton and a host of background artistes

People's Postcode Lottery 2023 - Featuring Helen Avouris

People's Postcode Lottery 2023 - Featuring Kate Tickle as 'The Bride'

Paddy Power Commercial 2023 - Featuring Denis Crampton 'Ticket Office Man' & ALL of the background Artistes

BetFred Commercial 2023 - Featuring Will Basnett, Wesley Bollington & Cameron McKendrick

Stagecoach Buses Commercial 2023 - Featuring Cameron McKendrick

Ladbrokes 2021 TVC - Hero Guy - RAUL CORREIA and 200 Extras

Sports Direct TVC 2021 - Featuring our Extras

Royal Ascot TVC - Featuring John Smeathers and Aimee Graham

St Moriz TV Commercial - Zada Turkaly, Rebecca King, Jess Flanagan

Evergreen Life - Phil Clegg

Pharmacy2U TV Commercial - Helen Avouris as Linda

Gilette Commercial 2020

Co-op Bank TV Commercial featuring Micah Lewens as the main son

The latest Nextbase Dashcam TV Commercial for Christmas 2018 - Main Feature Phil Clegg, and you can just about see Jackson Hulme and Janet Carley - another Exclusive gig to Mint Casting

Eileen Kinsey in the latest Bristol Street Motors Advert - 2019

Aldi Halloween Commercial - Featuring Craig Murdock as the 'Dad'

Bristol Street Motors Commercials - Eileen Kinsey (As Daphne Stokes) is now the 'Face' of BSM !!! Having filmed 3 consecutive commercials now for BSM - they LOVE her (as do we) :)

Bristol Street Motors Commercials - Eileen Kinsey (As Daphne Stokes) is now the 'Face' of BSM !!! Having filmed 3 consecutive commercials now for BSM - they LOVE her (as do we) :)

Eileen Kinsey Featured in the latest Ready Brek Commercial - 2018

Mentos Commercial (Worldwide) - Mint exclusively provided hundreds of background artists for the latest Mentos Commercial - 2 of ours were lucky enough to be fully featured artists on worldwide usage :) Jayne Hardy and Lascelles Clarke (Kissing Couple)

Morrisons TV Commercial - Mint Casting provided ALL of the Featured Northern artists on this Commercial. We actually ran the casting session for the client too ! :)

Staysure TV Advert - Featuring Clive Cope - This advert was made back in 2015 but has now run for 3 years :)

Warner Leisure Hotels - Featuring John Smeathers - This advert has now re-ran for 3 years :)

Promis Life TV Commercial – Featuring Helen Avouris - This commercial has now also ran for 3 terms !

Glitter Machine 'Blackbird' Music Video - Featuring 8 of our artistes: Jackson Hulme, Catriona Cameron, Daisy Soloman, Daniel Healiss, Maddy Cooper, Marlon Bailey, Mia Cathcart and Nick Jones

Your Move Estate Agents - We exclusively supplied ALL of the background artists on this job - hundreds !! Fun day but very cold and wet !

SportPesa - Featuring Our Footballer Ollie Pittam

Aldi Commercial Featuring Tony Fillingham

Lotto Live Commercial with Eileen Kinsey

Paul McCartney - Latest Music Video 'Fuh You' - featuring our background artists

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